Using Your Stash to Make Embellishments

Hey out there is scrappy land! It’s cold here in Midwest USA. I keep wondering when it will finally warm up: I mean it’s only been like 5 months of chilled air…ugh! Waiting for spring is torture every single year. To pass the time, I recently decided to reorganize my craft room. After a visit… Continue reading Using Your Stash to Make Embellishments

Making a Journal: Part 3

Hello crafty peeps! I am back with the final installment of my Making a Journal Series! In this last video, I am decorating the cover, as well as a few inside pages. I created a YouTube video of my process if you are so inclined: Otherwise, here are some up close and personal pictures: Till… Continue reading Making a Journal: Part 3

Irish Lass Card

Hello out there and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today on my YouTube channel, I am sharing a Craft with Me video depicting how I made this sweet and fast vintage-y Irish Lass card. If interested, the video can be found here: If you watched the video and would like the image, simply right-click on the… Continue reading Irish Lass Card

Making A Journal: Part 2

Hello out there in the blogosphere! Today I am finally sharing part two of my Making A Journal series, demonstrating how to sew signatures into a hard-covered journal in a way that doesn’t show the binding itself. It’s hiding! I was unable to record this earlier because my sewing machine was in this shop. But… Continue reading Making A Journal: Part 2

Making a Journal: Part 1

Hello out there! Today, I am embarking on what I *think* will be a 3-part series of how to make a hard-covered journal. The first part, today’s feature, shows you how to make a hard cover using chipboard. I created a YouTube video with a step-by-step process: I mention in the video that I will… Continue reading Making a Journal: Part 1

Junk Journal Update

Hi everyone! As I am writing this, we are smack-dab in the middle of a huge snow storm. Now, this is not anything new, living in a suburb of Chicago, but this one is supposed to drop a lot of snow — 20 inches — by Saturday. I ran into the grocery store this morning… Continue reading Junk Journal Update

Making Journal Inserts

Hey out there! Today I am sharing how I make my journal inserts for my traveler’s notebook. It is such an easy process and so useful! I needed two notebooks for school and instead of lugging around two large coiled notebooks, I decided to make two additional inserts for my Jane Davenport traveler’s notebook I… Continue reading Making Journal Inserts