Never Land Layout

Hi everyone!

Summer is ending and I am so sad! Summer is by far my favorite season, but I recently bought some new fall and winter Authentique papers at Scrapbook Expo so I am *sort of* excited to use them!


We had a great day wandering around. Take a peek at a little vlog of our trip:

I know the audio is hard to hear in the beginning and I may not be looking directly at the camera, but it’s my first, so I am still learning!

I also started a new 8.5 x 11″ series so I can use this gorgeous scrapbook I picked up in the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby!

IMG_9953IMG_1608 2

(YES! That says $3.75! Score!)

My first layout was really fun to make especially because I was experimenting with a new size. I’ve been working in mini-books and traveler’s journals for so long, I forgot how to use a bigger space. I used the Dear Lizzy Stargazer line I recently purchased from Peachy Cheap.


See a video of my whole process:


Thanks for stopping by!



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