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Documenting In A Plain Old Notebook

Hello out there in blog world land! Today I am sharing a new process that I have been featuring on my YouTube channel — everyday journaling in a plain old notebook. I purchased this Fancy Pants notebook from yep, you guessed it: Tuesday Morning for a mere $2.99 and it has become my medium for documenting the “every day” of the 2016 to 2017 school year.

Theses layouts are fun, fast, and effective. They allow me to get my thoughts down about the day in detail and the designs are so quick and easy that I can sometimes complete 3 entries a night!

I started documenting on October 31st of this year, but just recently started recording my process. All videos for the following can be found at my YouTube channel Gina Makes It. Here are some recent entries I have made:



You can see how fun and organic this whole process is with no worries about the latest kit release or the newest techniques and just fun scrapbooking and documenting. It totally takes the pressure of of scrapbooking every single moment and is just as fun! I can’t wait to see how chunky and full of goodness my notebook gets!

Till next time,



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