New YouTube Video Series: Scrap With Me, Plan With Me, Craft With Me Videos

Good Monday morning!

Because I  love paper + crafting  so much and because I love connecting with other people who love it just as much as I do, I have been spending a lot of time working on three new scrappy YouTube video series – Scrap With Me, Plan With Me, and Craft With Me. The Craft With Me videos will include anything else that I make that is outside of the realm of scrapbooking and planning — cards, bookmarks, projects.


I know; I am quite excited too.

I have uploaded one each of the Scrap With Me and the Plan With Me. And I just realized that in iMovie I can output videos in an HD format:

Head Meets Desk by CloudRiven on DeviantArt

So my first Scrap With Me is a lower quality, but most videos from here on out can be viewed in HD, including the Plan With Me #1 I just uploaded last night.

Visit my YouTube channel to check out my latest videos!

Scrap With Me #1: Summer Binder:


In this video, I am using a kit from the Hip Kit Club to scrap a layout for my summer scrap binder I am furiously trying to finish up.

Plan With Me #1: January 23 to 29:


I am in love with my new Recollections planner and in this video I jazz up this week’s layout with Recollections stickers and few stamps. I love how quick these planner layouts come together because I do not like to spend loads of time working in my planner.




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