New Year, New Planner


Let’s ignore the elephant in the room — the 4-month old elephant in the room that symbolizes my four-month blog absence. Where have I been? Oh, around. What have I been doing? Oh, things. But who cares about that now. Now, we talk planners.

I bought one of these new snazzy planners from Michaels a few days ago when I was supposed to be grocery shopping.


And then I saw the 30% off planner accessories sign and I bought a bunch more stuff. It was only then I went grocery shopping.


In between separating my fighting kids, doing some freelance work, folding laundry, making meals, and paying attention to my husband today, I was able to put together the month at-a-glance of January and the first detailed week of January in this sweet little planner.


The inserts of this planner require you to add your own dates, which I like, but the Recollection month and date stamps I bought don’t really create a crisp number. So, I covered them up with little punched hearts I glued down and just wrote the date on. On my next trip to Michaels, I am going to see if they have any stickers with dates on it as it might cut down on my planning time.

Because let’s be honest with each other: You and I don’t have hours on-end to prep our planners. In between work, household duties, and being a wife and mother, time is tight and there’s just too much I want to do with what little time is left over. That’s what great about these Recollection stickers — they are inexpensive and they all coordinate, so it cuts my planning time in half but leaves me with a super cute (and highly functional) planner. Here’s a few snapshots from my process:


Theses are not the number stamps I referred to earlier in this post. In fact, I didn’t even realize these stamps had numbers on them until I looked closely at this picture. I am going to have to try them out and see how they fare on the planner inserts.
I made this cute little clip with leftover scraps.


Till next time,



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