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Traveler’s Journals

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Hey everyone! After a long summer hiatus, I am back with a fun post all about traveler’s journals. This summer went by way too fast, but luckily we were able to squeeze two awesome trips in. I decided before we left on our first trip that I wanted to create a functional and easy way to record and document our experiences while we are on the road.

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We travel via an RV and my husband wants to do most of the driving. This leaves me in the passenger seat for a lot of hours with not much to do. I had previously tried to document our trips in the past, but it was largely unsuccessful because I focused on doing the work while we were at our destination. This failed enormously because I wanted to spend time enjoying our vacation instead of working on my traveler’s notebook. I decided to focus putting to use the loads of time I had while driving.

So I bought myself a lap desk from Hobby Lobby and threw scrapbooking supplies (scissors, punches, paper, washi tape, adhesive) along with my portable printer and instax camera into a few zip pouches and a small basket and decided to try it out.

IMG_1288 copy

IMG_1292 copyIMG_1303 copy

IMG_0959 copy

It worked out perfectly. The only thing I had to leave for later was the journaling as it was a bit too bumpy to write neatly. I completed two traveler’s journal this summer for two trips and both times, I had to spend a little time after we got home putting the final touches on it. It was a smashing success!

I also created a YouTube video describing how I work, so if you are interested check it out here –>

Here are a few photos from both of my traveler’s journals. I really like to use maps, pamphlets, and tickets in these as design elements and add-ons. So I try to keep it all in the same place at the end of the night so I don’t have to search in the pockets of the shorts I wore that day for the ticket stubs or dig around in the bottom of the backpack I used that day for a crumpled map.

IMG_1564 copyIMG_1561 copyIMG_1560 copy

IMG_1557 copyIMG_1558 copyIMG_1555 copyIMG_1532 copyIMG_1533 copyIMG_1534 copyIMG_1535 copyIMG_1536IMG_1537 copyIMG_1544 copy

I hope this inspired you to document your own travels and adventures. Till next time!



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