Planner Spread: Week of June 20


Happy Monday! I spent a few hours over the weekend getting my planner updated and it feels so great to be organized. I had been deliberating on whether or not to see this planner through December or purchase one of the new Happy Planners debuting in July, but I decided to keep this one until the end of the year.

This week, I used some pieces of a page from a 12 x 12 pad called Melon Patch I used in my last weekly scrapbook layout post. A few of the pages have journaling cards and cute pieces that I layered throughout these pages.


I also used some Happy Planner stickers, washi tape bits, and other random stickers from various collections I thought matched. The best part, though, are new Recollection planner stamps I purchased from Michaels. They are awesome!


As usual, I added some pictures to my week for a fun scrappy effect!


I feel like I finally reached a planner balance and it feels great! Happy planning!



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