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You Can Do It! Free Printable

Hello blogosphere! Today I am sharing a fun free download for you. Lately, I have been trying to make smart eating choices and it seems I end each day disappointed. So I thought I would make a cute Fall-themed printable to hang on my refrigerator to motivate me!

I found the image of the hedgehog on , deleted the original text, and added my own message. I wanted the message to be applicable to everyone in the house, which is why I made it so generic. Anyone can relate to the idea of not giving up on things and it’s an important lesson. Plus, this little hedgehog was so cute carrying his acorn that I couldn’t pass it up!

The image is sized 12″ x 12″ and can be resized easily to fit your needs. To save, simply right-click on the image below and select the save-as or download image option.


I also created a little YouTube video showing my creative process for the sign I made using it. If interested, you can view that video here:





Never Land Layout

Hi everyone!

Summer is ending and I am so sad! Summer is by far my favorite season, but I recently bought some new fall and winter Authentique papers at Scrapbook Expo so I am *sort of* excited to use them!


We had a great day wandering around. Take a peek at a little vlog of our trip:

I know the audio is hard to hear in the beginning and I may not be looking directly at the camera, but it’s my first, so I am still learning!

I also started a new 8.5 x 11″ series so I can use this gorgeous scrapbook I picked up in the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby!

IMG_9953IMG_1608 2

(YES! That says $3.75! Score!)

My first layout was really fun to make especially because I was experimenting with a new size. I’ve been working in mini-books and traveler’s journals for so long, I forgot how to use a bigger space. I used the Dear Lizzy Stargazer line I recently purchased from Peachy Cheap.


See a video of my whole process:


Thanks for stopping by!


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A Disney Traveler’s Notebook

Hey everyone! Wow, it’s really been a long time since I updated the blog! (If you want a little update to where I’ve been, watch this YouTube update.)

We have done a lot of things these past few months, one of which has been visiting Disney World!


We had a really great time. Because we drive, I have a lot of time on my hands to update a traveler’s notebook. To prepare for this Disney trip, I created an Alice in Wonderland traveler’s notebook with an insert I had laying around from another notebook.


For the most part, I used the Simple Stories Say Cheese III line, but also mixed in some older Say Cheese I and II. It was a very simplified process that took no time at all. The only thing I have left to do is fill in the blank spots with journaling.


To hear all about this process, watch this video I uploaded on YouTube!



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Using Your Stash to Make Embellishments

Hey out there is scrappy land! It’s cold here in Midwest USA. I keep wondering when it will finally warm up: I mean it’s only been like 5 months of chilled air…ugh! Waiting for spring is torture every single year. To pass the time, I recently decided to reorganize my craft room. After a visit to IKEA, I felt compelled to get organized. And after a trip (or ten?) to Michaels to purchase Iris containers that were 70% off, I was knee-deep in complete scrappy chaos!


But, after many, many, many hours and an aching back, I organized my room into a wonderful scrappy play land:


Because everything was in its place, I was inspired to use my newly sorted Iris cases to create some DIY embellishments. I made a YouTube video of my process here:

I have to admit this process was a little difficult. It didn’t come as easily as I thought and in fact, could be classified as hard! Don’t get me wrong, I am super pleased with the results, but it was a labor of love! I’m wondering if it was the color palette that made it so hard because I am not used to working with gold, but I am definitely going to make some more with a different base to test the waters.

Here are some up close photos of my DIY embellishments:


Till next time,



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Making a Journal: Part 3

Hello crafty peeps! I am back with the final installment of my Making a Journal Series! In this last video, I am decorating the cover, as well as a few inside pages. I created a YouTube video of my process if you are so inclined:

Otherwise, here are some up close and personal pictures:


Till next time!


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Irish Lass Card

Hello out there and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today on my YouTube channel, I am sharing a Craft with Me video depicting how I made this sweet and fast vintage-y Irish Lass card.


If interested, the video can be found here:

If you watched the video and would like the image, simply right-click on the picture below and perform a save-as!



Till next time!


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Making A Journal: Part 2

Hello out there in the blogosphere! Today I am finally sharing part two of my Making A Journal series, demonstrating how to sew signatures into a hard-covered journal in a way that doesn’t show the binding itself. It’s hiding!


I was unable to record this earlier because my sewing machine was in this shop. But she’s back and ready to roll and has been smoking with much-needed sewing these past few days!

To make these invisible signatures, you basically sew the signatures to a piece of paper (in this case I used faux leather paper) and you glue it (I used Modge Podge) on the inside of the journal itself. I recorded a step-by-step YouTube video if interested:

The result is a gorgeous journal with no signs of binding!


There’s a journal out there with your name on it! Go and get your craft on! The final installment of this series, part 3, will feature a session on base decorations — pockets and embellishments.

Till next time,